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Below are some of the remarkable success stories with students that Liliya Ovchyan and Garry Shirinyan have enjoyed over the 15 years of their teaching career, and are proud to publish in their website and share with everyone. 


Natalie Aroyan (Soprano, NSW)

Natalie Aroyan


When Natalie Aroyan, an Australian-Armenian Soprano, was a University student taking singing lessons she sang gospel and pop songs at an audition. The teacher taking the audition told her she was not meant to sing gospel or pop.

You were born to be an opera singer,” said Liliya Ovchyan, who accepted the young soprano as one of her students in 1999. Since then, Natalie Aroyan, now 28, of Roseville, NSW, has won an amazing number of scholarships.

                   Here is a summary of her achievements:                       

  1. 2007 - Australian Singing Competition Finals, where she won the $15,000 National Singing Competition Nelly Apt Scholarship to study in Tel Aviv. 
  2. 2008 - she won two more; the $43,000 Opera Foundation Lady Fairfax New York competition, and the $35,000 Herald Sun Aria Award.
  3. 2009 - winner of the $14,000 American Institute of Musical Studies Award and $8,000 Sundell Study Award.
And now Natalie is one of the most successful Opera Singer in Australia. Visit her own website for more information of her performances. 
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Liliya and Garry are proud and delighted to have developed Natalie in her Opera singing and wish Natalie a successful career and ultimately reach and achieve her dream to make an International career singing at........... La Scala.