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Realising your potential as an Opera singer and performer requires ongoing hard work, practice and help. Studying today can be a minefield with singers often entrusting their precious instrument to incompetent teachers. Often, and without realising it, a great talent can be compromised.

During the long and rewarding 45 years career, Liliya has performed in great opera houses worldwide. She has worked with very good artists, conductors and stage directors. Admittedly, she has also worked with some great teachers and some pretty dreadful ones too. 

Liliya is able to assess each voice on its own merits and to offer guidance, help and support on all aspects of Opera singing. Students discover the magic of Opera through singing and musical instruments.Liliya and Garry make it their mission and vision to identify and strengthen the student's talents, through their well structured and professional teaching, mentoring and motivation.

As mentioned in the homepage, Liliya is an accredited professional and truly one of the most dedicated teachers you will ever meet. Her ability to teach is very unique and in no time she is able to identify and empower the gift of Opera singing in each and every student who is really passionate about music and above all who loves the art of Opera singing.

Both Liliya & Garry are dedicated mentors and their main aim is to motivate excellence in each and every student. Liliya is the main driving force and her singing lessons are well structured, easy to follow and a pleasure to listen to.

Teaching from the comfort of her own home, Liliya offers personalized singing lessons which will teach and prepare students to enhance their Opera singing, perform Opera singing with more confidence and develop personal self-esteem with confidence whilst continuing to experience their love towards music and Opera.

Their achievements are remarkable as it can be seen from the success stories achieved from successful students that Liliya Ovchyan and Garry Shirinyan have enjoyed over the 15 years of their teaching career.

The Singing lessons provide a strong Opera singing and musical foundation for the student that allow them to grow their further Opera singing studies and education, so help the student empower their overall musical abilities. Apart from making singing lots of fun, all Singing lessons are carefully tailored and prepared for the individual singer's requirements. Liliya and Garry focus on building the student's confidence as an Opera singer. 

They both make their students feel more confident and capable with their singing techniques. The personalized attention, provided in the comfort of their own home gives each and evry student an opportunity to focus on their skills and their talent. Liliya and Garry are capable of transforming and improve the student's skills and make them feel more confident in reaching their goal of becoming professional Opera singers.

Below are some messages of what their students have to say:

Natalie Aroyan (featured in the "Success with Students" page)


Liliya and Garry wish well to all their students and are very proud when their students are successful.