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Are you serious about becoming an Opera singer? or, are you perhaps about to appear on stage in Opera?

Contact us as we have both the experience and qualifications to teach you. You may simply want to improve your audition technique; to put together a repertoire for Opera or preparing for a competition or perhaps you may simply need guidance to shape your career, then Liliya & Garry are the ideal teachers to prepare you for your future.

Liliya's teaching experience and career make her one of the world's golden singing teachers in Opera, with many successful students to her credit. In addition, Liliya has vast experience in teaching presentation techniques, as well as her ability to enhance the voices of singers who have sustained vocal damage.

With Garry's support, Liliya is the driving force to be a complete teacher, coach and mentor.

Liliya & Garry invite you to Contact them for a truly rewarding experience.

                                                     Contact us on:                                          

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